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June 20, 2016

Do you know...what Envoy got up to at the INTA Annual Meeting?

news_INTA article image.jpg21 – 25 May 2016 saw the biggest event in the IP industry calendar, the INTA Annual Meeting. The event was hosted at the Orange County Convention Centre in sunny Orlando, Florida. Yet despite the outside temptations of sunshine and theme parks, this year’s INTA Annual Meeting was one of the best attended ever, with over 10,000 registered delegates.

The Envoy team always look forward to exhibiting at INTA as it’s an unrivalled opportunity to connect with IP professionals from all over the world, as well as showcase our IP annuities and renewals services. This year we decided to put INTA’s IP knowledge to the test.

Our booth topic was “Do You Know…?”, which allowed us to ask visitors two very important questions:

1. Did they know how Envoy’s online IP annuities and renewals solutions could benefit them; and
2. Had they heard about Envoy’s merger with patent validations specialist Valipat SA?

We had plenty of opportunities to catch up with existing customers and supplies, as well as discuss our services with people new to Envoy. However, the news of our early May merger with Valipat was a frequent topic of conversation.

The announcement received overwhelmingly positive feedback at INTA, with visitors agreeing that combining Envoy’s renewals expertise with Valipat’s range of complementary IP administrative services was a logical move.

However, the conversation wasn’t all business. Our “Do You Know…?” IP quiz proved to be hugely popular, with visitors lining up to guess the answers to our geographic questions by placing a pin on a world map. The closest pin to the correct answer would win one of four fabulous prizes. If you missed the chance to take part at INTA, you can take the quiz for yourself.

Finally, thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat at our booth this year. We hope you managed to snap up one of our luggage tag or travel adaptor giveaways before they disappeared. With exciting times ahead for both Envoy and Valipat, we’re already looking forward to INTA 2017 - we hope to see you in Barcelona!

Do you know...?

If you missed the chance to try our INTA 2016 quiz, why not try your luck with the questions below? Click the question to reveal the answer.

Q1: M-Systems patented and produced the first USB flash drives, in collaboration with IBM. But do you know where the company was based?

A1:  Kefar Sava in Israel.

Q2: Sellotape is a globally recognised brand, but do you know where the trade mark holders are from?

A2: Dusseldorf, Germany

Q3: The ‘Rollerblade’ trade mark is owned by Nordico – but do you know which town they are based in?

A3: Treviso, Italy

Q4: The dual-flush toilet was first patented in 1989 – do you know where the inventor was from?

A4: Tranmere, Australia

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