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BRUSSELS, Belgium, May 18, 2016

Envoy has joined forces with Valipat SA

Envoy+Valipat join forces2.jpgEnvoy International Ltd, a specialist provider of intellectual property renewals and annuities, would like to announce its amalgamation with Valipat SA, one of the industry leaders in the field of European patent validations, PCT national/regional phase entries and IP Recordals.

The combination of our two IP administrative services will address increasing business demands for additional IP support services.

In addition to enhancing our current service offerings, the merger allows us to join the forces of our combined 100+ staff, in order to develop innovative solutions for our clients. By combining our respective assets, IT platforms, network of agents, skilled operational teams and robust processes, we are better placed to answer new challenges faced by IP professionals and to provide solutions that offer self-service, cost prediction, transparency and integration. Envoy is already closely aligned with Valipat in terms of strategic visions and cultures, and we share a common goal to act as an extension of our clients’ team, helping them to reduce costs and save time without compromising on quality.

Envoy will continue to operate as normal, focusing on providing our core services from our UK headquarters and sister office in the US. Our newly joined management teams will launch a phased 18 month plan, which will result in seamless integration between our two services.

David Kennedy, Envoy CEO and Chairman of the Board of the new Group, says: "This is an exciting time for Envoy and for our clients, many of whom have been asking us to provide additional IP administrative services in a consolidating market. With the help of Valipat we will be able to offer these additional services sooner, while continuing to offer the same high level of customer care and service on which we have built our reputation.”

Patrice Durand, Valipat CEO and CEO of the new Group, explains: "Envoy and Valipat have always been considered as companies with similar DNA, sharing a common vision about the special care that is required when it comes to providing IP administrative services. The preparation of the merger has certainly confirmed this view and we are most delighted at the prospect of working with David and his team in this amazing project”.

About Envoy

Founded in 2008 and managed by its owner, David Kennedy, Envoy handles the payment of annuities and renewal fees for law firms, patent attorneys, and corporations with in-house IP departments.

Envoy has built and developed sophisticated online renewals software which is complemented by a skilled team of in-house practitioners. Engaging with an extensive network of legal suppliers, Envoy provides a truly global service which is used by 175 clients in over 35 countries.

Headquartered in Glasgow, UK, with a North American office in Chicago, Envoy currently employs 25 people. 

About Valipat

Valipat was originally founded in 2008 by the Gevers IP Firm but became independent and privately owned in 2012.

Since its inception, Valipat has developed a range of structured IP administrative services offered exclusively to IP Attorneys – this includes the validation of European patents, the entry into national/regional phase of PCT applications, the automated generation and handling of Power of Attorney forms and IP Recordals. The company is currently developing a UP-UPC package as well as a dedicated portal to order EPO Claims translations.

Valipat’s online platform gives its 400+ clients access to innovative functionalities to order services worldwide using a carefully selected network of 110+ IP Firm Agents. 

 The 80+ people forming the Valipat team aim at meeting their clients’ needs on a daily basis. Valipat is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with a North American office in Chicago and account managers throughout the USA and Europe.

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