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We can make life easier by managing your annuities and renewals through our online portal.

Helping you make efficiencies

You can get an instant quote and renew multiple cases in any jurisdiction with your online account. 

Once the case data is added to your account, pending annuities and renewals are listed in date order. You get an instant all-inclusive quote - in the currency you want - and you can fix prices for up to 120 days to guard against exchange rate fluctuations.

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At your discretion we can send payment reminders, giving the option to renew or abandon IP rights. We make prompt payment on your behalf according to your preferred instruction process, and provide official certificates on completion.

No more labour-intensive admin or missed renewals. Our online solution provides a reliable central repository that saves you time and costs in managing global IP renewals.

Log in to secure online account

Log in to secure
online account

Check prices in global territories

Check prices in
global territories

Instruct multiple renewals worldwide

Instruct multiple
renewals worldwide

Monitor payments in real time

Monitor payments
in real time

Receive official receipts

official receipts

What's in it for you?


Save time & administration

You can check due dates, view prices, and place instructions in one central place. And with our automated online processes you could save time and become more efficient.


Cost efficiencies

Our competitive fees mean that you could also reduce costs. You could especially make a saving if you're currently working with foreign associates.


Peace of mind

You can rest assured that your renewals are in reliable hands. With qualified attorneys at the helm, we understand your industry and the challenges you face. We rigorously check your data accuracy, both manually and with system checks. As a result, Envoy has a 100% fulfilment record. 


Personal support

You have a dedicated account manager, who is easy to reach and quick to respond to your needs. We work closely with your team and offer one-to-one personal support. And if you need any extras, such as reporting, we can help with that too.


Control your costs

You can freeze prices in your account for up to 120 days, giving cost certainty and greater control over future prices. 


Cost visibility 

Instantly see prices for all of your cases - in the currency you want. Our fees are all-inclusive, so there are no hidden extras, and you can see exactly what you're paying. This also helps with forecasting renewal costs and managing your budgets. 

No minimum number of renewals Compatible with any docketing system
Upload and download data anytime Quotes and payments in your chosen currency

A service that works for you 

We're really flexible to your needs and can tailor our annuities and renewals solution to your requirements. Just use the account tools that work for you. And remember, there's no account set up costs or ongoing management fees. Our account tools are free to use so you only ever pay for the renewals or annuities you instruct.

Price freezing

Freeze prices for up to 120 days to avoid currency fluctuations.

Batch instructions

Add up to 1,000 cases simultaneously to get instant prices and make multiple instructions.


Renewals can be paid automatically when due, unless we receive instruction to the contrary.

Case rollover

Renewal data can be rolled over to the next due date to avoid missing future payments.

Due date monitoring

Alerts can be sent notifying you when there are cases in your account due for renewal.

Instant Invoicing

An invoice is instantly emailed to your accounts team or designated contact.

Weekly account updates

Weekly emails summarise all account activity and highlight any cases requiring action.


Set reminders for cases previously renewed by Envoy.

Due date calculator

Calculate when patents are due for renewal or confirm dates against your records.

Price forecasting

Download a spreadsheet of future renewal prices for your patents.

Instant access to forms

All the forms you may need to instruct a renewal are downloadable from our system.

System integration

For high volume renewals, your case management system can be integrated with Envoy.

Data checking

Our system verifies the accuracy of the details you provide.

Real time monitoring

Monitor the end-to-end renewals process from instruction to provision of receipts.

One stop service

We project manage your IP renewals so that you only need to work with Envoy. Behind the scenes we deal with a global network of experienced local agents. This ensures an accurate service built on local IP knowledge and expertise.

Data transfer your way

If you have reliable case data you can upload it to your Envoy account for each annuity or renewal. This reduces the risk of any inaccurate data. If you have less reliable docketing records, send us your data and we'll check it for accuracy before adding it to your account.

In certain cases, we can automatically transfer data from your case management software to our system. Please note, integration is only suitable for organisations with a large volume of patent annuities or trade mark renewals. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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