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Managing IP recordals can be a time-consuming and complex process with lots of paperwork. 

We save you time and administration by handling your paperwork. And our one-stop recordals service means you only need to work with one contact.

IP recordals made easy

We prepare and submit the required forms, saving you time and admin. And you don't need to contact foreign agents to determine local country laws. We access local IP knowledge through our global supplier network, so you don't have that burden. With Envoy you have a single point of contact who keeps you updated with the progress of your IP recordals.

All that’s required is one simple instruction. You decide the currency and we provide an all-inclusive quote with fixed fees. We record your changes of ownership, licenses, name and address and anything affecting an IP right. 


Save time & admin


Everything is handled for you


Work with one contact

 blue_check_mark.png No need for local IP knowledge

If you're already an Envoy renewals customer you can instruct IP recordals at the same time as a renewal. Or you can do it any time that suits you. If you're not an existing Envoy customer, that's no problem. Just request a quote here and we'll send you an all-inclusive price. We offer bulk discounts too, so if you've got a large IP recordals project you can make further cost savings.

5 steps to easy IP recordals

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Request an IP recordals quote

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Get quote in chosen currency

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Tell us to proceed

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We send you any relevant forms

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We process your IP recordals

IP Recordals quote

IP recordals quote

You don't need to be an existing Envoy customer to use our IP recordals service. Just complete our quick quote form and we will get back to you with an all-inclusive quote. 


Cost savings and better forecasting

We leverage our global supplier network to offer competitive rates and bulk discounts. So you have a good chance of reducing your IP recordals costs too. You can see exactly what you're paying with our transparent quotes. And our fixed fees provide cost certainty and the potential for accurate forecasting.


Cost certainty


Improved forecasting


See exactly what you are paying

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