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Envoy Pro for patent attorneys and law firms

Our online annuities and renewals service helps you manage your client's portfolios more efficiently. 

Manage renewals more effectively

Our leading edge software enables you to manage annuities and renewals via a free online portal. Case data is uploaded to your account as per your chosen upload method. You can see pending renewals in due date order, giving you visibility of your portfolio. You get instant all-inclusive prices for your cases, which you can freeze against exchange rate fluctuations for up to 120 days.

If you like we can send payment reminders for upcoming renewals. You instruct us to pay your renewals, or you can abandon any redundant IP rights. We make prompt payment on your behalf and provide official certificates from the relevant patent or trademark office on completion.

No more labour-intensive admin or missed renewals – Envoy’s online solution provides a reliable central repository that saves you time and costs in managing your worldwide IP renewals.

No minimum number of renewals Compatible with any docketing system
Upload or download data anytime Quotes and payments in your chosen currency

A flexible solution

We understand that everyone works differently, and we’re flexible to the way you would like to work.


Upload fresh accurate data to your account OR ask us to check and upload data for you.


Upload data manually via spreadsheet OR transfer automatically via system integration.


Activate free reminders OR monitor deadlines yourself.


Instruct payments manually OR ask us to make automatic payments for you.

A service that works for you 

We're really flexible to your needs and can tailor our annuities and renewals solution to your requirements. Just use the account tools that work for you. And remember, there's no account set up costs or ongoing management fees. Our account tools are free to use so you only ever pay for the renewals or annuities you instruct.

Price freezing

Freeze prices for up to 120 days to avoid currency fluctuations.

Batch instructions

Add up to 1,000 cases simultaneously to get instant prices and make multiple instructions.


Renewals can be paid automatically when due, unless we receive instruction to the contrary.

Case rollover

Renewal data can be rolled over to the next due date to avoid missing future payments.

Due date monitoring

Alerts can be sent notifying you when there are cases in your account due for renewal.

Instant Invoicing

An invoice is instantly emailed to your accounts team or designated contact.

Weekly account updates

Weekly emails summarise all account activity and highlight any cases requiring action.


Set reminders for cases previously renewed by Envoy.

Due date calculator

Calculate when patents are due for renewal or confirm dates against your records.

Price forecasting

Download a spreadsheet of future renewal prices for your patents.

Instant access to forms

All the forms you may need to instruct a renewal are downloadable from our system.

System integration

For high volume renewals, your case management system can be integrated with Envoy.

Data checking

Our system verifies the accuracy of the details you provide.

Real time monitoring

Monitor the end-to-end renewals process from instruction to provision of receipts.

How we help law firms and patent attorneys


Improved efficiency and profitability


We handle the end-to-end annuities and renewals process on your behalf, saving you time, resources and ultimately helping you to become more efficient.


Peace of mind


The data validation and due date calculator tools within Envoy help to reduce the risk of missed renewals and incorrect data. This helps you to provide an accurate and reliable service to your clients.


One central platform


Our online portal provides one central repository for managing your global patent annuities and trade mark renewals. There's no time wasted searching for relevant information, and you don't need to worry about lost paperwork.


Deliver excellent customer service


Our instant quotes enable you to provide prompt feedback to your clients, and our price freezing tool means that you can rely on guaranteed prices.

To find out what our customers say about Envoy click here. If you would like to speak to our customers about our solutions or services, just contact us and we’ll be happy to put you in touch.

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